We offer software development services in wide range of technologies and domains. Whether you are an enterprise looking for customized applications to address functions gaps, or an ISV looking for cost effective development of applications, we bring value to your business. We design, build, deploy and test. Maintain customized application as per your requirement, irrespective of application size and complexity. Our solutions are cost-effective, make use of open sources.

  • Web Applications
  • Custom Application
  • Application Enhancements
  • Application Integration
  • Application Re-engineering

Customization: We will customize your applications with required specifications as per industry latest standards. We will use our expertise in saving costs and make the application robust with advance technologies works the application faster and efficient.  We will use the strategy to utilize the existing resources to add the new functionalities to the application. Various customized APIs will be developed and integrated.

Installation / Implementation: We will make sure that necessary system requirements. We will study existing environment of application versions, operating systems and hard ware. Will install the compatible drivers and plugins. We will be creating or updating the program files, folders and registries. Will be creating users, profiles and permissions as per requirement.

Testing: During test phase we will try to detect the defects and bugs while developing the application. We utilize all the available relevant kinds of testing for scalability and performance. We will fix the issues till the application go live and finally the passes the User Acceptance Test (UAT). 

Methodologies: The process of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) we will recommend and follow the methodologies of Agile and Waterfall based on the clients’ requirements. We use these methodologies to improve the application design and management. It will be decided by our development team based on approach toward the application.

Cloud Computing: We have the capability of integrating your applications on cloud platforms. This solution provide the clients to avoid the up-front infrastructure costs by eliminating the data storages, licenses and maintenance. This will enable the client virtually run the applications fast and reliable. We can provide the solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

Mobile Apps: The Apps have become necessary for many businesses or Applications as most of the customers would like to have the access through their mobile or tablets. The Apps will be developed in iOS or Android based on the clients requirement. We will take care of the complete development, deployment and maintenance.  

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